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Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

The Ancient Art of Healing the body and mind. Traditional Thai massage originated over 2500 years ago!
It is a mixture of acupressure, shiatsu and yoga that originates from the older forms of Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medical tradition. Traditional Thai massage is therefore slightly harder than oil massage.
The tradition and approach of Thai massage is the view that the body and mind s connected. This means that pain or tension in a certain part of the body can be symptoms from a completely different part of the body that has become overloaded or injured - Thai massage strives to prevent, resolve and restore these conditions and make muscles return to their normal resting position.

What happens during the massage?

During the Thai massage, the whole body receives stretching and massage, everything from fingers to toes. The treatment is performed on a mattress on the floor where the masseur uses their own body weight instead of muscle power to give adequate pressure. Palms, thumbs, knees and feet are used to work through the body in rhythmic and harmonious movements. The body is exposed to careful pressure and stretching movements, which releases blockages and tensions in the body.

For the Traditional Thai massage we recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable and not to warm clothes. If needed clothes are available to borrow.

Though massage therapy is generally safe, Thai massage uses firm pressure and may not be safe for everyone. If you have any doubts or question please feel free to consult our staff who will be happy to guide you..

Traditional Thai

60 min

SEK 625,-
Foot Reflexologi

60 min

SEK 685,-
Duo Foot Reflexologi

60 min

SEK 1300,-
Traditional Thai

90 min.

SEK 890,-
Thai with Herbal Ball

90 min

SEK 995,-
Duo with Herbal Ball

90 min

SEK 1900,-

Thai Massage with Herbal Ball

Our Thai Massage with Herbal Ball is a Aroma Oil massage where we add the use of the traditional Thai Herbal Ball which contains a blend of up to 20 aromatic and therapeutically traditional Thai herbs. These herbs are wrapped in a cotton cloth that has been steamed before being applied to the body. The heat from the steam helps to increase the regional blood flow while the volatile oils released from the herbs add an anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed and aching muscles.
This can also be booked as a Duo treatment, which means that you and your friend are in the same room on each your massage bed, side by side, and receive a relaxing treatment at the same time by each your therapist.

Thaimassage i Malmö hos Pranaha
Oljemassage för fötterna - I Malmö

Thai Foot Reflexology

Traditional Thai reflexology, is based on a 5000 year old doctrine in Chinese folk medicine, where it had been observed that the whole body and its organs end up in specific zones under the feet. If any of the zones are exposed to pressure, a reflex occurs elsewhere in the body. During the treatment, our therapist systematically presses on the various points with fingers or a special zone rod. If you are then very sensitive to pressure, it indicates some form of imbalance in the corresponding body part. Reflexology is related to acupuncture / acupressure and is based on freeing the whole body system from blockages.

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