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What is Body Scrub?

Skin Renewal & vitality!
A fantastic treatment that really gives a wonderful result. It is a fresh feeling to do a body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and feel a new, smooth and soft skin emerge.
Our Body Scrubs contain only natural ingredients and are blended specifically for each customer.
We have 3 different Scrubs to choose from, all with a base of salt added a blend of oil and aroma.

What happens during the treatment?

The therapist works and massages the product in circles on your body for relaxation, cleansing and increased blood circulation. After the Scrub you rinse of leftover product in the shower and then returns to the massage bed for a wonderful finishing Oil Massage.

Practical information...

As showering is a part of this treatment we recommend bringing a change of underwear or clothes as needed. Towels, bathrobe and soap will be available for your convenience. We will also provide you with disposable underwear but you are welcome to wear you own during the treatment if you wish 🙂

Winter Wonder

90 min. Ginger & Avocado oil. Wonderfully moisturizing and good for blood circulation.

SEK 950,-
Just Relax

90 min Lavender, Rosemary & Coconut Oil. Soothing and balancing.

SEK 950,-
Himalayan Pink Dream

90 min Himalayan Pink Salt, Almond Oil & Geranium - Softening and Floral Relaxation!

SEK 950,-
Still have questions?

We made a video of the treatment to give you more insight in what we do - and if you still have questions feel free to contact us, we will be happy to guide you 🙂

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