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We provide a sanctuary from stress, a healing touch, a kind word, a place to reconnect.

Massage - oljemassage i Malmö
Thai massage

Healing tradition of acupressure and stretching

Oljemassage för hela kroppen i Malmö
Oil massages

Deep relaxation for the muscles & the mind

Oljemassage i Malmö - skål med doft och oljor

Health and well-being for the body & the mind

Oljemassage i Malmö hos oss
Deep Sport massage

Stronger pressure with focus on muscle and tissue health.

Bodyscrub och oljemassage i Malmö

Salt Scrub, skin rejuvenation and relaxation

Facial treatment - Ansiktsbehandling och oljemassage i Malmö

Traditional or anti-aging treatments

Blommor för doft - Oljemassage i Malmö
Prana Specials

Specials & Combos designed for the ultimate experience or effect

Klubba - Oljemassage i Malmö
Thai Toksen

Thai traditional hammer massage

Vi erbjuder gravidmassage och oljemassage i Malmö

Massage specially designed for the pregnant

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Deep Cleansing Facial
Cleansing ritual using natural & organic products and techniques that will leave you and your skin feeling soft & renewed - We even include brow correction if you wish...
Normal price 90-110 min - 850,-
December price 680,-

SEK 500,-

Anti-Age Facial

We use a combination of Japanese lyifting techniques, cupping and Gua Sha to give you a noticeable result even after only 1 treatment. No fillers or chemicals - only natural organic oils.
Normal price SEK 695,-
"Try it out" discount of SEK 195,- on your first treatment

Massage & Spa Treatments

Traditional Thaimassage 60/90 min
SEK 595,- / 850,-

The masseur uses own body weight instead of muscle power. Palms, thumbs, knees and feet are used to work through the body in rhythmic and harmonious movements

Thai Toksen 45 /90 min
From SEK 595,-

Tok Sen has been practiced since ancient times and is one of the oldest Thai treatments. Few modern therapists master the technique performed with the help of a special wooden hammer and stick.

Hot herbal compress 60 / 90 min
SEK 650,- / 875,-

A Thaimassage including use of a Herbal compress which contains a mixture of up to 20 aromatic and therapeutic traditional Thai herbs. Wrapped in a cotton cloth and steamed before being applied to the body.

Aromatherapy Oil massage 60 /90 min
SEK 595,- / 850;-

A soft and wonderfully de-stressing full-body massage with a choice of aroma oil .Provides pleasant relaxation , boost the body's circulatory systems and bring moisture to the skin.

Aromatherapy Hot Oil 60 / 90 min
SEK 650,- / 875,-

Same technique as regular Aromatherapy Oil massage, but with extra rich heated oil or wax to increase treatment benefits. Possible to add-on Hot candle for SEK 25,-

Couples Massage 60 / 90 min
From SEK 1150,-

Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side by side in our couple’s room. A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. This is suited for special occasions, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Valentine's Day.

Prana Thai Mix Massage 60 / 90 min
SEK 650,- / 875,-

Our take on the best massage mix of relaxing Aroma oil and traditional Thai massage techniques incl. stretches as needed/wanted - can be soft or harder depending on wishes/needs

Deep Sport 60 / 90 min
SEK 650,- / 875

Deep pressure and Fascia release. The basic techniques used in our Deep Sport Massage focus on muscle and tissue health. A mix of techniques is used that are adapted as needed.

Focus Massage 30 min
SEK 350,-

Popular massage focused on problem areas in the shoulder, neck and upper back. Techniques are adapted as needed. We recommend this massage sitting in our special energi massage chair.

Foot massage 30-60 min
SEK 350,- / 550,-

Wonderful, quick massage for tired feet and lower legs. Perfect for the lunch break or in between shopping 🙂 Our footmassage always begin with a nice, warm footbath.

Thai Foot Reflexologi 60 min
SEK 650,-

Thai Reflexology is related to acupuncture / acupressure and is based on freeing the whole body system from blockages by pressing specific points using a special zone rod or fingers

Pre-Natal Massage
SEK 595,- / 850,-

Created specifically for expectant mothers in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. The bed is prepared with special pillows to ensure comfort and safety in a sidelying position

Just Relax - Body Scrub 90 min
SEK 875,-

Body Scrub with Lavender, Rosemary & Coconut oil.
Soothing and balancing - incl. 45 min Aroma Massage. Access to shower and bathrobe is provided

Pink Himalaya Dream - Body Scrub 90 min
SEK 875,-

Body Scrub with Himalayan Pink Salt, Almond Oil & Geranium -
Softening and floral relaxation! - incl. 45 min Aroma Massage. Access to shower and bathrobe is provided

Winter Wonder - Body Scrub 90 min
SEK 875,-

Body Scrub with Ginger & Avocado oil.
Wonderful moisturizing and good for blood circulation. - incl. 45 min Aroma Massage. Access to shower and bathrobe is provided

Lifting Gua Sha Facial 75 min
SEK 695,-

Very effective natural anti-age facial treatment. We use a combination of Japanese lifting techniques , cupping and Gua Sha .
Reduced price for first treatment, only SEK 500,-

Facial Massage 45 min
SEK 550,-

Gentle cleansing followed by relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage ending with cooling mask and hydration

Threading / Trådning 15-30 min.
Från SEK 75,-

Hair removal on parts of or full face with threading /Trådning

Sen Sib Special 105 min
SEK 1100,-

Combination treatment including Traditionell Thai Massage (60 min) +& Fot Reflexologi (45 min)

Toksen special 90 min
SEK 950,-

Combination treatment including Traditional Thai Toksen & Aroma oil massage. Soft but still affecting the deeper layers

Head & Toes 60 min
SEK 650,-

Combination treatment with focus on neck, shoulders & head for 30 min followed by Foot massage 30min

Hands & Heart Special 60 /90 min
SEK 800,- / 1150,-

Full body Hot Candle Massage with softening and moisturizing hand wrapping / massage.

Prana body & face 90 min
SEK 995,-

Full body Aromatherapy massage + facial treatment with cleansing, massage, mask & moisturizing.

Prana Delux body & face 90 min
SEK 1150,-

Full body Hot candle massage + Rosehip facial treatment with cleansing, massage, cupping, mask & moisturizing.

Deep Cleansing Facial 90-110 min.
SEK 850,-

Great for everyone no matter their skin type. This cleansing helps to get rid of unwanted buildup of sebum, toxins, dirt, bacteria and all skin cell debris.

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