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Welcome to Prana Healing Arts!

When you visit us, you are welcomed by relaxing scents, soft music and an environment where you can forget about "life outside" for a while.
It is our vision to prevent ill health and help you to a balanced body and mind. We believe that everything good comes from nature and uses only pure, natural, organic and for the most part Vegan materials in our treatments. Oils, lotions, scrubs and even our hot candles are made / mixed in small batches by hand when needed, no chemistry or additives are necessary.
In our salon at Slussen in Malmö, we have 6 private treatment rooms and if you feel the need for a shower after treatment we will make that available for you. In our reception area there are sofas where you can enjoy a few minutes to yourself, drink some tea or water, etc. before you go back out and meet the world again. - feel at home with us and come by every time you want to treat yourself to a nice and relaxing treatment!

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Använd friskvårdsbidraget - Oljemassage i Malmö


Use your friskvårdsbidrag for massage. We offer several different types of massage with different purposes. Massage that is suitable for stress reactions, when muscles are tense or when you are in pain.
We are connected to Wellnet, ActiWay & Min Friskvård

Presentkort hos oss - Oljemassage i Malmö

Gift Cards

Giving away a massage is a great way to show appreciation to someone you like. Gift cards are a much-appreciated gift for birthdays, students, Christmas presents and for Mother's or Father's Day, friends, family or employees, etc. Gift Cards can be bought for any amount or for a specific treatment.

Bonus image

Bonus Card

To achieve a good and long-lasting result, more than one of massage treatments is often required. With our bonus card, you get the money to last longer.
You get a stamp on the card for each treatment and earn a 50% discount on the 6th.

Naturbild - Oljemassage i Malmö

Multi treatment purchase

Get even more value for your money with our multi treatment purchases.
5 x 60 min. massage – SEK 2500,-
10 x 60 min. massage – SEK 4800,-
5 x 90 min. massage – SEK 3625,-
10 x 90 min. massage – SEK 6800,-
Choose between Trad.Thai, Aroma Oil or Thai Mix massage.

Active Promotions

20% discount

Yumi Lashes & Brows

Introduction campaign
If you want to enhance your own lashes, skip mascara or just get a beautiful and natural “open eye” look while still taking care of your lashes - you will love Yumi Keratin Lashlift
Get 20% discount in January

Coming soon


Maderotherapy or Woodtherapy as it is also called helps fight cellulite, activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems and firms the skin Soon this treatment will be available
Coming Soon

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Östra Förstadsgatan 15C, 21131 Malmö, Sweden

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Welcome to Prana Healing Arts

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