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What is Prana Specials?

Our Specials are single treatments or combinations packaged together for the optimal experience or effect.
This is where you find the little extra, the great present for your loved one or just the match for your specific needs. More about the specific treatments underneath 🙂

Focus Massage (Chair)

30 min

SEK 350,-
30/30 Focus Massage

60 min

SEK 650,-
Relax Footmassage

30-60 min

From SEK 350,-
Hands & Heart

60 min - Booking by phone only

SEK 800,-
Hands & Heart

90 min - Booking by phone only

SEK 1150,-
Sen Sib Special

105 min.

SEK 1100,-
Tok Sen Special

90 min

SEK 950,-
Prana Body & Face

90 min - Booking by phone only

SEK 995,-
Prana Delux Body & Face

90 min - Booking by phone only

SEK 1250,-

Sen Sib Special

60 min Traditional Thai massage finishing with 45 min. Thai Foot Reflexologi.
Perfekt after a day of training or running or just to help release all built up tension.

Tok Sen Special

90 min Aroma Oil combined with traditional Thai Tok Sen.
Deeply relaxing while still having a Deep muscle effect.

30/30 Focus Massage

30 min focus on upper back, shoulders, neck and head + 30 min focus on feet and lower legs.

Stenar och ljus - oljemassage i Malmö
Ansiktsbehandling och oljemassage i Malmö

Hands & Heart Special

60 or 90 min full body Hot Candle Massage + extra moisturizing hand wrap and Massage. Ultimate in relaxation and skinfood 🙂

Prana Body & Face

60 min Aromatherapy massage followed by 30 min Facial Treatment with cleansing, massage, Cupping and re-hydrating mask.
Wellness and Beauty for all 🙂 Upgrade to the Delux version to get the Hot Candle Massage plus Rosehip Facial

Focus Massage (Chair)

30 min Massage of upper back, shoulders, neck & head. For best results we recommend you sit in our Energi Massage Chair, but the treatment can also be given on the massage bed.
Very effective focus massage for all of you working in front of a computer or have similar stress on the area.

Relax Foot Massage

30-60 min full focus on the feet and lower legs. Wonderfully de-stressing and quick break for your whole body.

Young woman receiving back massage from physiotherapist

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