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Thai Toksen

What is Thai Tok Sen?

Tok Sen has been practiced since ancient times and is one of the oldest Thai treatments.
Few modern massage therapists master the technique performed with the help of a special wooden hammer and a wooden stick.
"Tok" - the sound created by hitting a wooden object with another wooden object and "Sen" - energy lines that pass through the human body. The hammer and staff are blessed in temples and are usually made of tamarind trees.

What happens during the massage?

Our bodies have many energy channels, in Thailand called "Sen", where "Prana" (life energy) flows. Traditional Thai medicine claims that illness and pain only exist when "Prana" is blocked. The blockages are located in deep-lying muscles and tissues, especially along the spine where it is difficult to work with conventional massage techniques. Tok Sen allows the therapist to reach the blockages with this painless technique, by tapping with the wooden hammer and rod to create vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissue.
As with traditional Thai massage, loose-fitting clothing is used, but Tok Sen can also be given as a complement to oil massage. Custom clothes are always available to borrow.

Incl. Tok Sen

incl. in treatment

SEK 100,-
Tok Sen Add-on

extra 30 min

SEK 300,-

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